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We differentiate for being a young digital native team trained in videogame design and development.
We focus at combining wit with technology, creating high impact applications.

Companies like Chevrolet and General Motors choose us to lead their creative projects
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We specialize in the use of augmented and virtual reality, immersive technologies strongly demanded in the market when creative and interactive solutions are needed.

Either for promoting a brand, event or product, this technology allow us to amplify via mobile devices our world or create completely digital experiences.


We have more than 6 educational games being played throughout the world in global educational platforms.
Our experiences are different when introducing the contents through the mechanics.

We believe in video games to facilitate teaching and transform it into an entertaining and positive experience.
Learn more about our educational portfolio.


What we do.


We design a tailored solution around your brand or product focusing on your needs and expectations


Mark the difference in your event or get the most envied stand with our ideas


Discover augmented and virtual reality for refreshing your brand or showcasing your products


We grew up playing and learned how to create, now it's our turn


Our experiences focused on learning are being played in schools around the world

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We work with multiple companies to provide quality to their clients and add our value


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Our Clients

Some of the companies that choose us.


What some of our clients say.

"Lucas is a unique talented developer always proactive and looking forward to new challenges. He is a Unity expert as well at managing projects and always proved to excel with the expectations and quality of the work, time and budget. It's a pleasure to work with Lucas!"




"Working with Lucas and his team was an amazing experience. We had an idea and needed not only people who could make it real but also someone who could gie us direction and taught us how to work with videogames. His work was faultless, in time and as expected. Without any doubt I would recommend him and I always do."



Coupe Buenos Aires

"Excellent experience with the company. Provider of Chevrolet University Mercosur with high responsibility and effective execution. Tailored designs and solutions, with broad criteria for adaptation and accomplishment. Totally recomendable."

General Motors


General Motors

"Lucas has proven a high level of commitment and responsibility with his personal and comercial goals in the past years. This is the reason why he has been selected to be incubated. He is tenacious, perseverant and shows an interdisciplinary capacity with an ease for leadership."




"In this area it is hard to find suitable companies that perform in time and form. Lucas not only does it, but also shows himself flexible and predisposed to any change or modification requested by the client during the process. The quality of the final product seals his proffesionalism."




"We worked with Lucas at the Youth Olympic Games. We developed a dynamic attention survey with them
The attention was formidable from beggining to end, they adapted to the event time which was not easy. Without any doubt I will contact him again."




"A 10/10. When I have the pleasure to work with Lucas on my products he immediately sets a new golden standard on efficiency and quality. Lucas is also very well rounded, aside from his great skills at programming and project management, Lucas have shown time and time again his extensive knowledge in other fields."




"I would recommend it for any digital experience project. Pathfinders vision and understanding are valuable and necessary features. I have been very satisfied, I must highlight the delivery and quality of work as well as the commitment and support 24/7 that they gave us, giving us a lot of tranquility and security."

Agencia Flum


Agencia Flum

"I worked with Pathfinders for an international client on an important Augmented Reality project and we achieved excellent synergy. Lucas is very responsible and meets the deliveries on time, also has a great technical level of the product and excellent interpersonal relationships which makes everything flow with agility and ease."

Red Wolves

Juan Martín

Red Wolves

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